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Food Allergies News and Articles on Peanut, Skin Allergy Treatment Advice

Get all the latest information about food allergies, peanut allergies and skin allergy treatment of prevention. This site complies lits of the best recently published articles from reputable sources in a convenient form. Every time the page is opened the data are updated so you will always see what's new. The latest news items are shown at the top.

Only the most reliable and most authoritative sources are presented as there are a lot of bogus and misleading information on the Internet. Contact us if you would like us to include other sources or links to articles that you recommend.

The listings include the topics of general Food allergies, Peanut allergies, Skin allergies and Eczema, and general research on allergy prevention, treatment, control and management. It also includes articles on hay fever and seasonal allergies and Coeliac Disease