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New Apps for iPhone, Android - Latest News, Articles, Smartphone Gadgets

Get all the latest information about new Apps for iPhone, Android and the latest gadgets for smartphones Pads and Tablets. It is hard to keep up to date with the explosion of innovations in this area. This site will help as it gathers the latest news on the best apps and information and presents it in simple lists with summaries. The latest news items are shown at the top.

The site also includes a list of the best of the best articles on app development and marketing and how apps can be used for a wide range of uses and applications. There are now a series of apps that allow you to make your own custom apps that you can share with your friends. This includes wedding and other event panning apps. You and you friends can add photos and other information to the app which can be shared. This area of do-it-yourself apps is a development from do-it-yourself websites that have becomes very popular.

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