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Architecture News Articles, New Architecture Designs and Information

Wotisnew brings you the Latest News, Articles, Design Information and Innovation in Architecture in a convenient aggregated list of headlines, links and summaries. A prefix is used to identify the source of the information. Only reliable and trustworthy sources are included in the aggegrated list.

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The list provided saves a lot of time because you can instantly see what's new in Architecture without having to read 10-20 separate online sources of information. This site does this job for you, by gathering headlines and snippets and showing them in a list. The latest news item is shown at the top and about 80 others are listed below in date order. The information is updated and refreshed every time the page is opened and so the news is always up to date and relevant.

Wotisnew is always looking for new sources to include in the listings. If you can suggest sources that have not been included, let us know and we will add them.