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Latest Autism News and Recent Autism Articles and Research Information

Get all the latest news, research findings and most recent information on the diagnosis, treatment, management, and control methods for Autism and related conditions. Now referred to as Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it is a set of complex neuro-development disorders. Autism displays itself via symptoms that include social impairments and difficulties, communication problems, and repetitive patterns of behavior. About 1% of children age 8 will have some form of ASD, with females, four times less likely to have an ASD than males.

There is a lot of research going on concerning this complex group of ailments and new updates of information being published regularly. This site is designed to aggregate all these news updates into a single convenient list. The latest news is shown at the top. Every time the page is opened the data is updated from reliable sources. Stay tuned to keep up-to-date.