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Climate Change News Articles, Science, Social, Politics, Economic Impacts

This site aggregates all the latest information about Climate Change and Global Warming into a up-to-date list of links and summaries. It includes news, featured articles and general information from reputable and reliable sources. The information is updated every time the page is opened. The most recent item is shown at the top. The sources include the NY Times, NASA, BBC, Guardian, Science Daily, New Scientist, Climate Ark, The Independent and UN sources.

Climate Change is not just about the science. It is the economic and social impacts that are relevant for many communities. The international political debate is fascinating because getting countries to cooperate to tackle a global challenge is an immense problem. To meet 2050 objectives a large amount of fossil fuel will have to be left in the ground and not burnt. This issue has not really been addressed. Which company, which country and economy will lose if this objective is to be met?

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