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Wotisnew brings you all the Latest Dog News for Dog ownwers in a simple list of headlines, links and summaries. Use the Jump to List link above, to go straight to the news. The news and article links are derived from the best and most reliable online sources from all over the globe. This is the quickest way to get all the latest news about diets, dog health, nutrition and veterinary news, and advice for pet owners. Don't waste time trying to find and read endless web pages for the information you need as this site does the job for you. The latest news item is always shown at the top and the listing is refreshed every time the page is loaded. So the information is always up to date. There are about 90 entries on the list. The sources of the information are shown along with a brief summary. This is the best way for you to keep up to date and informed on news, events, research and happenings in the dog world.

The aggregated list includes a variety of sources and topics. We are adding new sources all the time. If you would like any extra sources added to the list please let us know.