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Fitness News Articles, New Training Programs, Gadgets, Health Advice

Get all the latest news, articles, research summaries and information on fitness programs and methods. There is always lots of new fitness information being published, but it's almost impossible to find it and you generally have to access multiple sources of information and wade through lots of advertisements and unrelated information.

The good news is that this site aggregates all the best fitness information from reliable sources into a simple ranked list. The latest news item is shown at the top. The data is updated every time the page loads and so you can alway be guaranteed that what you see is the latest news. This is the simplest and best way to keep up to date about the new trends in fitness.

The information in the lists includes newspaper and magazine article, research publications, press releases, new product announcements, and advice bulletins released by government agencies and sporting bodies. If you would like us to suggest additional sources just contact us with the details.