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Organic Gardening News, Latest Information for Home Organic Gardeners

If you have taken the decision to eat more organic foods, both to protect the environment, and to provide healthy food for you and your family without toxic chemicals and pesticides you should try to set up or convert your garden to yield organic food. Buying organics can be very expensive, so why not grow them at home. There are always new developments happening all the time and it is hard to know where to start of how to keep up to date.

This site is designed to bring you the latest news are advice fresh every day. Every time you open the page the information is updated. We collect the best information from the most authoritive sources on organic gardening from around the globe. Organic gardening can be a lot of fun for you and your family, especially when there are no toxic chemicals involved. The links opposite provide some great ways to get started by converting lawns into gardens and even planting seeds into straw bales, which then become mulch for your next crop.

Always remember that you can start small, even in pots or by developing a wall garden in an urban backyard. Don't be concerned if you are attempts are not perfect straight away. Learning is half the fun and gardening is one of those things that you learn by doing it, not just reading about it.

Organic gardening simply means making everything you do completely natural. You make the decision to not use synthetic fertilizers, artificial chemicals or pesticides. But that does not mean you have to leave you plants fend for themselves without any interventions. There are a hold of organic fertilisers and organic pest control methods you can use. There are also a host of garden design and management methods that make the job easier such as permaculture, companion plantings and similar methods.