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This site brings you a summary of today's technology news in a convenient layout. Items are listed with the most current ones at the top. The listings are updated every time you open this page. The latest information and news is derived from reliable sources. There has never been a more exciting time for technological advancement. Yet, strangely some of the major advanced in energy and climate change interventions appear to be receding into the distance. This includes fusion power. Is technological advancement teaching its zenith when most of the possible scientific breakthroughs have already been made, at least the easy and less expensive ones? Is fusion power simply too hard and too expensive?

Similar arguments apply for climate change. There does not appear to be the internal will to tackle this problem head-on via technology. Are the various nations too selfish to band together and solve it. The concept of 'unexploitable carbon' is a reality as no country is willing to leave its carbon reserves in the ground to save the planet. These topic and many others are featured in the latest news and information presented on this site.