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Weight Loss, Dieting, Weight Control and management are dynamic fields of research and information. This site compiles the latest expert advice and research findings from around the globe in a convenient summary form so that you can keep up to date. The data sources are reliable and reputable. The best articles on weight loss have been compiled as well to provide a complete guide and what is new in weight loss and dieting.

There is a lot of bogus information about weight loss. The articles included have been carefully chosen. Despite obesity reaching epidemic proportion throughout the world, there is a sad lack of definitive information.

Why is this? Why don't we know more about it? It appears that the primary problem is the highly processed foods that were introduced into Western diets during the 1970s. This food is simply too rich in calories, fat and carbohydrate. People who eat normally, three standard meals a day get fat eating these foods. It is the food that is the heart of the problem.